Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sgt Mike Battle invades France on a bike!

....kinda. In fact its Sgt Mike Battle's creator Graeme Pearce who is invading France on a bike for charity. On his Just Giving page Graeme says:

In May 2011 I am going to cycle 700 miles across France to raise money for Comic Relief. I will catch a ferry from Plymouth to Santander in Northern Spain and will then spend to next 7-10 days cycling back through France before catching a ferry back from Roscoff. To make the journey even harder I will be carrying everything I need on my bike, wont have any help from a support car or team and will be camping each night. This entire expedition is funded by myself and ALL money donated will go direct to Comic Relief.

Again, here's is Graeme's Just Giving sponsorship page, should you wish to sling a few quid his way. Best of luck, Graeme! 

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