Thursday, 24 May 2012

See 'em at MCM

Hot on the four-colour booted heels of Bristol Comics Expo, CamCon and Kapow we have this upcoming weekend the MCM Expo London - if any of you faithful SPBMers are tootling along here are a few lovely comics to look out for...


En Gingerboom ‏will be launching the gorgeous print edition of their fab webcomic What is it Katy? which I pre-ordered and I can't wait to get my sweating sausage fingers on!

Sally Jane Thompson unfortunately didn't have her latest comic Now And Then back from the printer in time for Kapow so you can nab yourself a squeaky fresh copy from Sally herself at table G11 in artist alley or order it from her online shop. I had a copy through the post today and it is goooooorgeous!

Ben Mitchell ‏tweeted us on twitter to say "Well I'll be doing a London launch (after a sort of trial-run pre-launch in Bristol the other week) of Throat" which looks a terrific book - check out the 40 page preview HERE

"Gorgeous" George Beedham  says "I'll be there and unveiling Mighty Jambo Volume 1 to boot!" So track him down and make him unveil it to you too!

***** UPDATE! *****

Stephen Downey will be at the Atomic Diner stand, sketching and launching Black Scorpion!


  1. Bugger MCM! What about the con event of the year that is MELKSHAM COMIC CON!? >:D Jon Lock will be there with Afterlife Inc ^-^ Have you read that yet Lee?!

  2. I didn't know about that - you need to start writing blogs for me Dani! xxx