Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kerplunk your kerpennies down at KAPOW!

Its Kapow Con this coming weekend and if you're going here's a bunch of sweet treats to keep yer peepers peeled for...


Accent UK will be launching 2ombies and WesterNoir and anyone who buys a copy of WesterNoir stands a chance of winning this beauty:

Overload #1 - the new b/w anthology title we blogged about yesterday - launches with the Maggie Thatcher zombie story/cover:

Sally Jane Thompson says‏ "I'm waiting on new books and it sounds like printer is having delays, so who knows. But I'll have From, Candy Bag and new prints and will bring a dummy copy of the new one for people to check out. It's called Now and Then - a standalone mini about the nature of the past." Eyes left for a (possibly exclusive) peek at the beautiful cover to Now And Then

Colin Bell's webcomic Jonbot Vs Martha has a FREE microcomic up for grabs! Stall 23!

 Gordon McLean will be there with No More Heroes 

...and John Lees will be selling The Standard  (his comic not the newspaper presumably)

Si Gurr says "Cosmic Hobo & I will be selling new comic The Scarifyers #1, info HERE & HERE"

Stephen Downey ‏will have Jennifer Wilde #2 AND the debut of Black Scorpion. You can pre-order a sketch for £10 too via twitter or email.

Howard Hardiman ‏says "Oh, blimey! New The Lengths, New Peckham Invalids... I'll also have Badger's Diary and heaps of stuff. BUSY DAYS!"

Jimmy Pearson will be launching The Reckoning and have copies of Bayou Arcana as well as a few copies of Lamda by me, Pavlos Pavlidis & Valia Kapadai.

Robert Carey says "I am part of a group of creators launching a book called Lightning Strike. Proud to have contributions from Vicky Stonebridge , Richmond Clements and many others. Info HERE."

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