Thursday, 3 May 2012

RAZARHAWK exclusive peek!

Faithful SPBMers will remember we've mentioned Aardman Animatrix Dani Abram a few times before - firstly with the excellent Tales Of the Spiffing anthology and more recently with Bayou Arcana (available to order now, kids!). Eagle-brained SPBMers may also remember Kitty Hawk Kicks Ass the self-published action-adventure comic Dani has been developing with writer Ian Matthews. This until recently untitled project is now totally titled: RazarHawk and Dani sent us some words what she wrote:


Robots, Monsters, Monkeys and CHICKS* WITH GUNS!!!**
At Bristol Comic Expo come and ask us for a free 7 page preview of our comic RazarHawk. We'll be walking around looking like this:

* sexy women, not baby chickens.
**some not featured in the preview.

Dani has posted several work-in-progress pics from RazarHawk on her blog but here's a wee SPBM exclusive a fully complete page along with the cover by way of a teaser for the preview of the comic! High octane, high explosive and wheat free!

Dani will also be at Bristol Expo as part of the Bayou Arcana swamp posse with Markosia so check that out too. We also strongly recommend you check out Worry Wart Dani's brilliant and honest webcomic detailing her long struggle with anxiety. You can also follow Dani on Twitter HERE and go see ace film Pirates! An Adventure With Scientists at the pictures and point at the screen and go "Woo!" when you see her name roll up during the end credits!

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  1. Oh Dani, I knew you'd get our expo outfits the wrong way around. This is why I was pushing for a dress rehearsal... ;D