Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Reality ain't what it used to be...

It is with great pride I announce the imminent arrival of Λ aka Lamda a double dose of SF twistiness in the tradition of Rod Serling and Philip K Dick; stories in which the mundane lives of normal folk are unexpectedly flipped inside-down and upside-out and reality, sanity and identity are as illusory, deceptive and fragile as the rainbows that writhe in oily water. 

Written by me, Lee Grice, illustrated by the brilliant Pavlos Pavlidis (Unstrung!, Full Bloom) and coloured, lettered & designed by rising star Valia Kapadai (Tw1sted Vision, White Knuckle) Lamda is composed of two complete blackly humorous short stories...

If Frankenstein had stitched together a television set instead of a man it would look like the television Philip Pye found buried in a dark dusty corner of an old warehouse. A patchwork of parts that were electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and God knows what else, but the strangest thing about it was the way it received TV signals from the future. Signals from only one week in the future, but time enough for Philip to note down next week's winning lottery numbers. If only he has time to collect his winnings because now the TV is showing him something else, something unthinkable and apocalyptic...

You're sitting on a train platform on a beautiful Summer's day. You've thrown caution to the wind, bunked off work for the afternoon and when you get home you're going to sit in the garden in the sunshine with a cold drink and a good book and just enjoy life for once. But then men arrive. Men in biohazard suits who taser you, bundle you into a van and take to a dank featureless room God knows where. Then they tell you something that you know can't possibly be true. Its unbelieveable. Impossible. Insane. "You're not you," they say. "You're not even human..."

Lamda will appear as a special, 28-page, limited-to-50, signed & numbered edition at the Bristol Comics Expo and should be available to buy online thereafter while stocks last.

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