Monday, 7 May 2012

Bristol Fitties!

This coming Saturday is the Bristol Comics Expo 2012 (Today is the final day too book online, but I've just heard that tickets will be available on the day on the door. Huzzah!) and here are some of the goodies we'll be looking out for this year...


Graham Pearce (now on Twitter) will have Sgt Mike Battle #17 on sale. "This issue features STAR-SPANGLED WARS and tells what happened when Sgt. Mike Battle became involved in a daring mission to rescue a beautiful Princess from a fortified military base which took place not to long ago in a country far, far away..."

...and here's a bonus bit of gorgeous promo art for you to google your eyeballs at. I'm sure Graham is referencing a film or something here, but it all a bit subtle for me. 

Bevis Musson has his Dead Queen Detectives Omnibus, 52 pages for £5. Collects #1 and #2 plus new stuff and unseen sketches.

Barry Nugent will at the expo selling copies of Fallen Heroes 1 & 2 and Tales Of The Fallen. He will also be doing portfolio reviews for Unseen Shadows.

Cy Dethan & Nic Wilkinson will have the eagerly awaited White Knuckle (art by Valia Kapadai) and all three creators will be appearing on the White Knuckle panel (Saturday 2pm part of the Markosia Showcase), and they will have a preview of Cancertown 2 on the table.

Also part of the Markosia Showcase is the Comixology Award winning Hypergirl by Dave "Mighty" Wynne and Ian "Shaman" Sharman - blasting from the pages of Particle Fiction and available as a limited edition hardcover.

...and Clockwork Watch from Yomi Ayeni (creator, writer, filmmaker) Jennie Gyllblad (artist ) Corey Brotherson (writer, editor). "This is Clockwork World, a place where Victorian values are coupledwith anachronistic technology, not least of which are the clockworkservants that keep this society ticking along. Set against this world, the Department for the Advancement of Sciences works on the newest ‘clock’ upgrades, whilst Her Majesty’s Clockwork Watch, a Gestapo-like organisation, monitors the clockwork servant population with a vigilance bordering on hostility."

Jimmy Pearson (also now on Twitter) will be there launching the now legendary horror portmanteau Bayou Arcana and...

...while you're there ask him about The Reckoning - illustrated by Patrick Walsh and sporting this evocative cover - that will be debuting at Kapow the week after Bristol.

"Disco" Daniel Clifford will be selling the wonderful Halcyon & Tenderfoot #1 as well as some new badges!

From Pavlos Pavlidis, Valia Kapadai and me (Lee Grice) is Lamda a double-story sci-fi twisterama anthology which I shall be shamelessly plugging later in the week.

Garen Ewing will be there selling, signing and sketching in Rainbow Orchid v3 - which we will be reviewing and probably gushing over, in an upcoming episode of the 'cast. 

As we blogged a few days ago Steve Tanner and Time Bomb Comics will be launching Kronos City... kids on the block Improper Books will have previews of Porcelain and Butterfly Gate...

...and "Dangerous" Dani Abram & "Evil" Ian Matthew's will be giving away previews of their upcoming Razarhawk!

The fine people at Inspired Comics have a couple that might tickle your fancy. Firstly there's Eat Me - "Sugary sweet bunnies, a deliciously grim detective tale, turf wars of fiendish butchers and food wars on national TV! Just some of the stories to be found in Eat Me! a food-themed anthology from Inspired Comics. Sit down and feed your brain with six original comics, from light snacks to juicy steaks, there’s something for every taste."

...and then there's Science Fiction Octuple Feature - "Eight Spectacular Science Fiction tales of all specifications! From far out to slice of life. Enjoy, relax, this book will take you to another world" Both are 56 Pgs for £3.00

...aaaand finally Dan Harris and the Lou Scannon boys will there "pimping ourselves like the whores we are" so if you fancy a reach-around while queueing up to get Denny O'Neil's autograph Dan and co will be there to relieve your boredom apparently. What an excellent service! I bet they'll even sell you a few of their brilliant comics while they're at it.

*** UPDATE! ***

Matthew Craig is looking for artists to collaborate with! He will be prowling the halls for vulnerable inkmonkeys so if you're a penciljockey looking for a gig keep an eye out for him (see mug shot, left) and don't be shy. Alternatively, drop us an email or comment below and we'll put you in touch.

Disconnected Press is launching two new anthologies, both are available for pre-order by emailing them HERE. Copies go on sale at Bristol Expo and online sales begin during the following week.

Disconnected Volume 1 brings together some of the UK’s brightest comic writers and artists for a collection of small town stories portraying real life with a splinter through it. Stories that take place on your doorstep but don't make the big city press. Stories that are true, even if they never happened. You can read more about Disconnected at:

Lost: Boys is an anthology of four short comics written by Lizzie Boyle and drawn by a group of emerging UK comic artists, touching on genetics, natural disasters and assassinations with the help of David Bowie and a number of bicycles. Find out more at:

STOP PRESS! Stephen Downey will have copies of Jennifer Wilde #2 on him.


Hokey cokey campers, that's yer lot. Did you write all that down? Good. Tell 'em Small Press Big Mouth sent you. Also, if you see our Stacey pottering around the con grab her firmly by the shoulders and state in a clear voice "You are The Whittle from SPBM and I claim my £5!" to win a free punch in the face. Toodles! xxx

PS Actually, if you see Stace she will have on her person copies of her fab fairytale anthology Into The Woods so stop her an buy one. There will also be copies on the FutureQuake stand!

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