Wednesday, 20 July 2011

News Bites 17

ITEM! The mega-talented Valia Kapadai has teamed up with Rich McAuliffe for a strip in the next  Gothology. Valia describes it as "the WEIRDEST story I ever illustrated!" Also she'll be appearing in the much talked about Womanthology!

ITEM!  from Matthew Craig is looking for an artist:

Rajesh Ramani is Britain's newest superhero, protecting the people (especially the ladies) of Birmingham with fast hands, fast feet and even faster moves. But can this kung fu Casanova resist the charms (or force of arms) of Shakira Salt and the Accelerati?! 18 pages of ultramodern Eisneresque kung fu flirting ripped from the beating heart of Britain's Second City!
The final deadline for this strip is quite near -19th August (if the artist letters, as well, earlier if not, as I'm still struggling with an injury to my hand). The story will be the first strip in the Birmingham hero anthology NEW STREET TALES, which I'm hoping to debut at the Birmingham Comicon BC2011 on August 27th. Contact Matt via email if you're interested. 

ITEM! The full line-up of creators at the Manchester MCM Expo have been announced including Daniel Clifford, Stephen Downey and Graham Pearce. Check it out!

ITEM! It was announced that plans for the Cardiff International Comics and Animation Expo 2012 are now underway! Yes, you read that right "and animation", and it will also be a 2-day even instead of one! Keep your eyes on the CICE Twitter and website for further announcements!

ITEM! Barry Nugent has announced another spin-off comic from Fallen Heroes - this one featuring the character of The Hand! Full details on the Unseen Shadows blog.

ITEM! Andy Bloor has updated his blog with some nifty preview art from Accent UK's upcoming Zombies 2 anthology - as well as a lovely Axel Pressbutton piece he did for me for my birthday! Have a butchers!

ITEM! Oh and speaking of Accent UK, they've gone digital, by the way! Starting with Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man!

ITEM! Axe Cop artist Ethan Nicholle had posted an fantastic preview image of his new comic Bearmageddon! Wow!

ITEM! The Paper Jam Comics Collective have announced their next anthology - Alchohol And That

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