Monday, 25 July 2011


Back near the start of the year I had the honour and privilege to collaborate on a short comic with the hugely talented Valia Kapadai for submission to the Eagles Initiative competition. (I blogged the full experience HERE if you're interested)

Last week, however, it was announced that the Eagles Initiative contest had unfortunately had to be cancelled due to low turn-out. On the plus side this meant Valia and I were now free to show everyone what we did. So here it is - the complete GLOOMY MONDAY - story and art by Valia, script by me. 

Thanks again to Valia for letting me collaborate with her on this - hopefully this will just be the first of many comics we will create together!


  1. This is sooo awesome!! I love it, well done both of you! :D:D
    The art as always is brilliant Valia, and Lee you should write more as well as draw!!! In fact, we should do something together too!! :)

  2. I love this! Sorry I'm late to the party! What a sweet sweet poem! I read this in the office - makes me want to grab my jacket and ruuuun!