Wednesday, 6 July 2011

News Bites 15

Okay do you want the Good News or the Bad News? Bad News? Okay, the Bad News is pretty bad so brace yourself: My cuppa has gone cold. I know, I know. I'll try to soldier on... Anyhoo - the Good News...


ITEM! Jamie Smart's brilliant Corporate Skull is updating every day this week as issue #2 rockets to its conclusion!

ITEM! This Saturday (9th July) is the Birmingham Zine Fest. Matthew Craig will be there and would like to meet any artists interested in collaborating on comics projects!

ITEM! The Harvey Awards short-list has been announced

ITEM! 'SPANDEX is good superhero comics, the type Marvel and DC have largely forgotten how to make' Martin Eden's Spandex comic gets a great write-up on Bleeding Cool

ITEM! Check out Cy Dethan's new blog post in which he reveals Valia Kapadai's outstanding front & back covers to their upcoming Markosia book, White Knuckle. Valia has also uploaded a White Knuckle sketch.

ITEM! The eagerly awaited Predators anthology from AccentUK has been re-scheduled for August's Previews.

ITEM! There's a brilliant new blog post from Jim Campbell, concerning some fundamentals of constructing a comic page… its great, check it out!

ITEM! advice on creating comics from Andy Diggle via his Twitter:

"Seems a lot of you want to make your own comics. The best advice I can offer is, JUST DO IT! You don't need anyone's permission. Just pick up a pencil and get drawing/writing. Don't ask, "How can I get into the comics industry?" Ask, "How can I become a better comics creator?" The answer is PRACTICE. So go make some comics. Short is better. Learn to condense. FINISH stuff. Keep learning from your mistakes until you get really good at it. Then the comics industry will come looking for YOU.
Good places for aspiring creators to hook up: Millarworld creative, Panel & Pixel, Freakangels/Whitechapel, Deviant Art. Study every pro comic script you can find. Compare to the finished art: what changed and why? For better or worse? Study every pro comic script you can find. Compare to the finished art: what changed and why? For better or worse? Finally, I can't recommend the Comic Book Script Archive highly enough. Now go make comics!"

ITEM! Blank Slate announce they are publishing Harvey James's A Long Day Of Mr James Teacher via their Chalk Marks imprint.

ITEM! Sugar Glider and Sugar Glider Stories are now stocked in the excellent Orbital Comics, London. Speaking of Sugar Glider, Disco Daniel Clifford says on the SG Facebook page "Sugar Glider co-creator and artist, Gary Bainbridge, has confirmed today that Sugar Glider #2 will be out in August. And it's looking fantastic! Well worth the wait!"

ITEM! Moon Freight 3 creator Luke Foster will be at Connecticon: it's this Fri-Sun, and I'll be at table 76 in the Artists Colony. You know you want to be there, too.

ITEM! Want to create a webcomic? Read these posts on the Drawing Words & Writing Pictures site.

ITEM! Geek Syndicate announce Summer Of Indie

ITEM! Lots of Unseen Shadows updates to catch up on: Firstly, author and creator Barry Nugent reveals: "I've been approached by another writer to do a fifth [Fallen Heroes] spin off"; secondly, he's posted a first peek at Fallen Heroes #2 and thirdly Unseen Shadows now has a shiny new trade dress!


You're still thinking about the fact my tea's gone cold, aren't you? Yeah *sigh* me too....

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