Tuesday, 12 July 2011

News Bites 16

You want the news? You can't handle the news! ...ummm... actually, thinking about it, yeah, you probably can. Here y'go then, chuck...


ITEM! Kevin Gio Logue'Introducing Zombies Hi part 1 is now available for download from his blog, £1.50 for 32 pages. gios-art.blogspot.com 

ITEM! There's a nice interview with the creators of ace anthology Tales Of The Spiffing at http://www.skwigly.co.uk/tales-of-the-spiffing/

ITEM! Like free comics? Of course you do! Well you can download the complete 52-page Empires by Static Girl HERE. Dinosaurs! Spaceships! What are you waiting for?

ITEM! Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett have a new webcomic Lady Sabre & The Pirates Of The Ineffable Aether - its steampunk high adventure and looks fab!

ITEM! Zarjaz #12 and Dogbreath #24 are out now! - and so is FutureQuake #18! Buy them!

ITEM! Jamie Smart is running a Find Chaffy art contest! Full details HERE

ITEM! Attention creative types! The 5th annual Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Contest is now open!

ITEM! BBC3 Scotland's programme on Scottish comics creators is now available to watch online for those who missed it.

ITEM! Better, Drawn is a new site featuring comics on the subject of living and coping with long term mental or physical illness. Fascinating reading and well worth a look. Thanks to the ever-excellent FPI blog for the heads-up. Also you can follow Better Drawn on twitter HERE

ITEM! Artist Lee Sullivan has compiled an excellent blog: Guidelines for Writing & Drawing Comics

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