Wednesday, 6 July 2011

East African Crisis

Last night we received an email from Graeme Howard, artist of Cancertown 2 and Dick Turpin And The Crimson Plague. This is what he said...


Hi Lee/Stacy,
Thought I'd send this sketch in. As a Dad myself the images of starving and desperate people especially children in East Africa at the moment really bugs me. So I knocked this up...

I don't know maybe something could be done as in the way we got together to help the people in Japan with the anthology that was put together. After all a few minutes sketching or writing isn't much if we can make make some sort of difference. Anyway that's enough preaching I'm off to draw people killing each other. 



For those who might not be aware, Somalia is currently suffering a devastating food crisis due to horrific drought conditions - the worst the continent has seen in 60 years. 12 million people are thought to be affected - thousands of children face starvation.

I personally haven't the first clue about how to set up a charity book, but a massive fundraising appeal has been launched and donations can be made via UNICEFSave The Children, OXFAM and The British Red Cross.

Graeme has also blogged about this on his website. If anyone out there is interested in creating some kind of benefit book with Graeme you can contact him there or by email or drop us a line and we'll put you in touch. Likewise if you're involved in any other fundraising projects give us a shout and we'll give them a big plug.

Here are those donation links again:

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  1. that's awful. humans are the worst creatures ever, being capable of committing horrible acts and so selfish not looking any further than their own self. I'd do an comic for an anthology if I knew the money would actually go where they're supposed to, but I would never EVER again, trust or donate any more money to these NPO lying bastards !!

    I'm in for a charity book !!