Thursday, 28 April 2011

Small Press Big Mouth Anthology

I started the ball rolling yesterday on Twitter and Facebook with news that I am putting together an anthology under the Small Press Big Mouth Banner.

The theme for the anthology is going to be Fairytales and Folklore. For very selfish reasons, I want to read a fairytale/folklore comic anthology, I love dark, twisted fairytales and I've always read a lot of them. From the Brothers Grimm as a child up to most recently I picked up a

n anthology edited by Angela Carter and I'm enjoying it so much, a rich variety of stories, some familiar but many not. I also really love reading modern or modern twists on fairy tales and the best ones I have read lately are Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman which is a selection of short stories and a full length novel, Jasmyn by Alex Bell. This basically what has inspired me to try and produce this comic. I have also been really impressed and inspired by the work I have seen produced so far for Bayou Arcana.

I have recieved quite a lot of interest in the anthology already so here are the details: I am planning for the anthology to be roughly 45 pages and I am looking for pitches for 5 page stories, with some room for negotiation. You do not have to pitch as a team, I am happy to pair up artists and writers. If you would like any more information or would like to pitch please feel free to get in touch my email address is

EDITED TO ADD A FINANCIAL NOTE: I shall be self publishing this first anthology and funding it myself. I won't ask any writers or artists for contributions to publication (thanks for asking though!) but it does mean I can't afford to pay anyone for their services. My hope is to make enough from sales of this first issue to fund the second.

ANOTHER EDIT: The comic will be in black and white - I missed that out above. Also I am over the moon with the response so far, there seems quite a lot of interest so I am going to have to put a deadline for pitches. This will be the Thursday 12th May. I will not make any firm decisions until that point - although I may contact you for clarification or more information.

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