Friday, 15 April 2011

News Bites 8! What a whopper!

LOADS of news to get through so brace yerself, Sheila!


ITEM! Doug Wallace of Self Made Hero is running in Sunday's London Marathon to raise money for The Book Trade Charity. Sponsor him HERE

ITEM! Pat Mills has written a review note about small press comic Dougie's War which deals with a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

"It's embarrassing to admit that there are no other graphic novels about our modern colonisations  of other countries. ...  Hopefully Dougie's War might inspire others to write and draw something on the subject and expose what we're really doing in the Middle East."

Read the full note HERE

ITEM! Leeds' Thought Bubble Festival now has a shiney new website - check it out HERE 

ITEM! The scrotnig Everything Comes back To 2000AD podcast has a complete recording of the 2000AD panel at last weekend's Kapow con. Click HERE creeps!

ITEM! Andy "Fall Of The Wolfmen" Bloor has posted the sketch prize for his 100th Twitter follower. Its bloody brilliant! See it in full HERE

ITEM! Four of the mega-talented artists involved in the superb Tales Of The Spiffing anthology are hosting an open audience panel on "screen and page" at the Bristol International Comics and Small Press Expo (BICE)

"We’ll chat about visual storytelling in general before going on to our moonlighting as comic illustrators and the differences between the formats, how working in film can inform comics and vice versa."

 They will also he running a nifty contest with a fab prize. Full details HERE

ITEM! Brighton-based independent publisher Myriad Editions are running a graphic novel contest. Their website appears down at the moment, but full details can be found at the splendid Down The Tubes website

ITEM! In a similar vein the highly anticipated Strip Magazine will be announcing an opportunity for budding comics creators to get published in their mag. The STRIP magazine Comics Challenge will be announced at BICE but more details can be found HERE

ITEM! Uber-talented cartoonist Laura Howell (The Beano, The Bizarre Adventures Of Gilbert & Sullivan) has a new website. Check it out HERE, also follow her on Twitter HERE. She also spoke to libraries in her home town of Birmingham about the benefits of stocking comics - read the blog HERE

ITEM! Highly anticipated Com.X SF/Horror comic Babble from Lee Robson & Bryan Coyle now has a Facebook page - clicky HERE and clicky 'like' if you please.

"Carrie Hartnoll is a girl lost in a life going nowhere fast, but a chance meeting with an old flame sets her on a path that will change the world as we know it forever…"

ITEM! What is Paul Thompson's Tales Of The Hollow Earth: Cosmology exhibition about? Find out and see mega-lush artwork HERE

ITEM! Upcoming (in 2012) children's comic The Phoenix now has submissions guidelines up on its website! Looky HERE

ITEM! Comedy Genius (TM) Jamie Smart has been interviewed by Shadowlocked website. Also he's updated his Endless Chaffy webcomic

ITEM! Webcomic phenomenon of 2010 Axe Cop now has a fantastic new archive page. If you've not yet sampled the insane joy that is Malachai Nicholle (age 5)'s writing frankly you've never lived. His brother Ethan (age 29) is a pretty good drawer too!

ITEM! Neil "Mo-Bot High" Cameron done drawed THIS reaction to his experiences at Kapow!

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