Tuesday, 5 April 2011

SFX Blogger Stace interviewed for SFX Blogger's Week blog!

Stace aka Gorgeous Stace aka The Whittle
As well all know Stace is one of the bloggers for the SFX website and this week is Blogger's Week on the site with new bloggers introduced and new blogs every day. In addition the bloggers have all interviewed each other in a round-robin stylee. Stace is interviewed by friend, fellow Van Dyke-lover* and saviour of Being Human Narin Bahar and you can read it HERE!

Love dicks? Love dykes? 
Love vans? Then Dick 
Van Dyke is the man 
for you!
*that's Dick Van Dyke of Mawry Puppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Diagnosis Murder fame. Here's a picture of the comedy legend ----->

Why am I jabbering on about Dick Van Dyke** you ask? Well its probably because my brain's gone into meltdown from having to go on about blogs, blogging and blogging bloggers! Gnnyahh! The word has lost all meaning! Anyhoo, click the link - Stace rocks! Factamundo!

**A man so awesome they named DVDs after him!

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