Monday, 4 April 2011

Mini Comics Day at the Star & Shadow

Here's a fun sounding event for all you comics geeks up in the North East! From their facebook page:

9th April at The Star And Shadow Cinema 11am-5pm

The Paper Jam Comics Collective join up with the Star & Shadow's own Canny Little Library to bring this year's International Mini Comics Day to Newcastle.

Everyone can make a mini comic, and it only needs one piece of paper! So come along, all ages & drawing styles welcome - no formal charge but a small donation is appreciated for the use of the building and the photocopier.

Everyone's finished mini comics will be photocopied and shared around, so all you have to do is draw one, and you might end up going home with 50!

This event is a part of the International Cartoonists' Conspiracy. They say :

"On Mini-Comics Day, participating cartoonists from around the world will write, draw, and print copies of a mini-comic, completing the entire process from start to finish in a day or less. Anyone in the world can participate.

Mini-comics have been democratizing the art of making comic books since the 70′s or earlier… with the popularization of photocopiers, it became apparent that anyone with an inclination and some spare change could print a little comic book. Wildly varying in both form and content, mini-comics are a wonderful synthesis of cartooning and hand-made art objects."

Guides on how to do mini comics are available on their website. 

The international facebook event page is HERE:

A very nice part of this conspiracy is the 'Mini Comix Co-op' - you post off 10 copies of your mini comics to the co-op, and they post you back 10 other people's mini-comix.

For this event, bring your favourite vinyl that you never listen to anymore and we'll use the star & shadow record player for our backing tracks. Drinks & snacks available during the event.


If you've got a comics event you want to plug drop us an email or say hello on Lee or Stacey's twitter

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