Friday, 12 March 2010

Wheturn Of Whubble

Gah! Wish I'd noticed this when we recorded last...

Back in, I think, our very first edition of Small Press Big Mouth me n The Gorgeous One reviewed ...well raved ...well gushed actually, over the awesomeness that is the comedy genius that is Jamie Smart's Whubble - that is a laugh-out-loud-so-hard-until-you-make-an-embarrassing-snorty-noise webcomic about a cat in an office and the sundry mental cases he works with.

Jamie Smart originally did about 50-odd Whubble strips and then stopped but now - as of the start of March - is back whubbling away again! Yayy! Dododo-dedodedo-dododo (cue Spaced celebration montage) Its a bit of a bugger it went under our radar as we would've plugged the hell out of it, but the good news is there's already a wee backlog of all new Whubble to enjoy! Yayy! (cue another Spaced celebration montage)

Anyway click the link to welcome back Pete, Frank, Mister Squeakychew and the rest and laugh until you go a little wee - I certainly did!

...wait, what?

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