Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Episode 17 on time and online!

What’s this? An episode of Small Press Big Mouth out on time? Yes, yes it is (...which is more than can be said for this blog update!) and covering diverse and wonderous comics such as Trenchfoot, Crossed, Crystal Clear, Grainger Street and Doctor McNinja. Where else would you go for all your small and indie press needs? Also featuring music from the utterly fabulous The Stillwells you lucky, lucky people!

UK Web and Mini Comics Thing -
The Adventures Of Dr McNinja -
Bostin Heroes -
Crystal Clear -

This episode's winner of The Big Mouth Tweet Tout is.... (drumroll) the Thought Bubble Festival huzzah & hurrah! If you want to a win a plug on the show get your butt over to Stace's Twitter page which is at
(By the way, did you notice i used the words 'butt' and 'plug' in the same sentence there? That was deliberate cos I've got a mind like a backstreet bordello (titter) )

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