Sunday, 30 August 2009


I recently read a couple of Hellblazer trades by Andy Diggle, Joyride and The Laughing Magician. I really enjoyed both of them very much, I think the Diggle man is rather awesome and shall have to root out more of his stuff as haven't yet read a duff thing. Published by Vertigo (so not really suitable for the podcast!)

Anyhoo, The Laughing Magician (art by Leonardo Manco and Danijel Zezelj) focuses on a Mage of war who is growing stronger by devouring other magicians and therefore stealing their powers. His goal is to find and consume The Laughing Magician and targets Constantine believing him to be this incredibly powerful and age old Mage. Is Constantine The Laughing Magician though?

This is a very violent and graphic story and pretty gory too. John is such an anti hero and is sometimes incredibly unlikeable but I think this makes him more rounded as a character, ultimately you root for him even when he is being self involved dick, and Diggle has a great handle on the character.

The art is gorgeous from both artists, and the odd Glenn Fabry cover does no harm either. I sometimes dislike it when the artist changes part way through a story, but I didn't find it too jarring here, maybe because the first issue with Zezelj on art is set partly in another version on London so when the art changes it is almost in keeping with a return to London proper.

Overall this is a great, action packed read and the set up for the next volume is cleverly done and I would highly reccommend you get your sweaty mitts on any of Diggles run, I know I shall be!

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