Sunday, 16 August 2009

New SFX Blog

I have a new blog up on the SFX Magazine website. My odd meadering rant was due to reading this column on the Bleeding Cool site: where the writer spent so long telling us it's ok to have tits and like comics she failed to mention any of the comics that she is reading/cares about/is looking forward to/influences her or in fact anything at all to do with comics! Hum


  1. well I've been waiting 10 minutes for that bleedingcool page to load and frankly I cant be fucked any more so I've just read your blog instead. All very cool stuff, you might wanna post an actual link to it in yout post above tho

  2. Can't say i'm impressed with "Irene Adler's" column - all a bit forced isn't it? Lots of attempts to get the fanboys worked up into a Pavlovian foam. How many times could she say "fuck" or "tits" in those two columns? I'm as big a letch as the next perv but even I know when I'm being patronised.

    Really enjoyed your blog though, you made more-or-less the same point in a fraction of the space and in a clearer and in a much more readable way.

  3. Oh and here's the direct link to Stace's SFX blog