Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Not really suitable for the 'cast but last week I read Kingdom the first trade by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson published by Rebellion.

This is a story about Gene The Hackman a genetically engineered dog/man . Led by his "urgings" he and his pack are charged with keeping Them off his lawn. After losing his pack Gene finds one of his mysterious "masters" and finds out some information about his purpose. He begins a quest into the world over the Land Bridge to find proof that The Them are capable of much more then even they thought.

This post apocalyptic story manages to be thought provoking, action packed with much scrapping and very funny in places. I think Abnett may be king of the Pun and the art by Richard Elson is flipping glorious. It is extrememly stylistic, with the dogmen having their own version of language and traditions to follow, but that really adds to the atmosphere and the strangeness of the story.

I read this as I know there is a new story beginning soon in 2000AD weekly prog and now I am ridiculously excited about it.


  1. I've only read a little bit of that. I read the first couple of episodes back when it was originally serialised and it really didn't grab me - I found all the punny names really offputting - but I've heard a lot of good things about it since so I should really give it another go.

  2. I got nagged to pick this trade up and was glad I did.
    I did suss the big reveal as to their origins pretty early on but that didnt spoil the story at all and as you said the art was gorgeous.

    Really cool book