Friday, 16 March 2012

Coming very soon: LEEROY AND POPO

I must admit I hadn't heard of Nobrow Press until Stace reviewed HildaFolk and Hilda and the Midnight Giant in the last few SPBMs but since then their name keeps popping onto my radar and always accompanied by a raft of compliments riding the crest of positive waves. (am I mixing my metaphors there? You can see waves on a radar, right? Yeah... Leslie Nielson totally saw a wave on a radar in The Poseidon Adventure... mind you that was a big wave... and it was too late... I'm drifting...) So anyhoo, the nice folk at Nobrow dropped us an email about The Adventures Of Leeroy and Popo a gorgeous-looking book that's coming out on Monday. Fondle your eye-nozzles all over this 'ere press release here...


Louis Roskosch

978-1-907704-32-1 • 170 x 230 mm • 52 pages 
£8.50 • Audience: 16 & up 
Coming out on March 19, 2012

"The painfully realistic story of a jobless, girlfriendless twenty-something bear who likes nothing more than to play Nintendo Wii, hang out with his slacker chums and hopelessly try and win over the girl he fancies." 
Design Week

Meet Leeroy, a twenty-something bear, unsure about where he’s heading in life. He doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t go to university and he definitely doesn’t have any kind of plan outside of hanging out with his dinosaur buddy Popo. Wasting away their days together, they laze about, smoke weed, play way too many video games and generally avoid anything that might be construed as work.

In Leeroy and Popo, we join the dilatory duo as they overcome obstacles as serious as sustaining injuries from excessive Nintendo Wii Sports use and strive for goals as triumphant as trying to win Leeroy the affections of Cecilia, the cute girl who works in the local coffee shop.

Comprised of several self-contained episodes of stoned musing, awkward dates, Facebook surfing and more, Leeroy and Popo’s adventures — or lack thereof — layer together to create a brilliantly-observed, affectionately sardonic portrait of slacker subculture in the 21st Century. Readers are sure to see a familiar face or two within the book’s cast of legendary loafers, if not their own.


"Loose but confident linework, subtle colour palettes, and a brilliant sense of humour are what make me love the illustrations of Louis Roskosch." 
John Martz, Drawn!

"Knights, dragons, robots, damsels in distress and damsels causing distress. His work is provocative, simple, attractive, and inspirational." 
Fred McCoy, Creative Fluff Magazine


Louis Roskosch graduated from Bournemouth Arts Institute in 2007 with a degree in Animation. After spending some time working in Shanghai as an animator, he returned to Dorset where he lives now, working as a comic book artist and freelance illustrator.


Looks good dunnit?

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