Monday, 12 March 2012

61 Awesome Online Comics!

So a few times recently I (Lee) have been asked to recommend some quality webcomics and online graphic novels for people. The combined list got pretty lengthy so I figured I'd blog them up here for future reference. This is by no means an attempt at a complete or definitive list - or even a definitive list of favourites (though many of them are). Some of them we've reviewed on the 'cast or recommended on the blog, but many we haven't (yet) - if anyone fancies writing or recording reviews for us please do. 

I should also mention that this list probably errs somewhat towards complete stories and towards adventure/drama rather than humour/gag strips. This is mostly because that's what I was initially asked to recommend and because that's probably more where my taste lies.

Anyhoo, in no particular order...


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