Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bubbling up!

This weekend is the annual Leeds Sequential Arts Festival aka Thought Bubble and it looks like it will be a fab event with loads of brilliant guests and awesome events. We asked a bunch of Indie & Small Pressers what they will be up to at TB this weekend...


Bevis Musson: I'll be there. No table but will have some Dead Queen Detectives #1 & 2 with me and happy to draw for money.

Pete Rogers: Copies of The Interactives will be on sale at the Orang Utan Comics table, along with the latest issue of FTL. And of course the Unseen Shadows anthology Tales of the Fallen with the mighty Nugewing.

Nic Wilkinson: Pete's already mentioned Tales Of The Fallen and we also have The Indifference Engine and Broadcast: The TV Doodles of Henry Flint launching. Rob and Henry will both be sketching.

Graeme Howard: Dick Turpin and I'll be with Timebomb on Saturday sketching and that kinda thing.

Jennie Gyllblad and Corey Brotherson: We'll be on table 67 in the Royal Armouries. Me selling Skal, artwork/prints and taking commissions. Corey selling magic of myths and pimping the first chapter of Butterflies and Moths (Hello publishers!) (Corey: And dont forget - we have Wham mini bars... Lots of Wham minis bars.)

Lee Robson: I'll be wandering the floor on Saturday, so if you’re so inclined, come and find me and ask me anything you want to about Babble. Not much of a consolation for the lack of previews, I know, but, hey. However, if you absolutely must have some of our pre-Babble collaborations in your possession, Accent UK will be there, too, selling their anthologies Robots, Western and Predators – all of which feature strips by us!

Andrew Waugh: I'll be at table 128: please come and say hi.

ink + PAPER: We're at Table 123 (easy as ABC) at Thought Bubble this weekend, sharing with the mighty The Strumpet . See you there!

Cinebooks: will be there with their usual selection of brilliant books (we recommend Green Manor in particular!)


SPBM will be represented by The Gorgeous Stace so if you see her around say hello!

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