Wednesday, 16 November 2011

ART HEROES announced

'Small Press Stan Lee' Daniel 'Denis' Clifford's plans for world domination continue apace as he announces his latest project Art Heroes this time allied with artist Lee Robinson. Now naturally I could tell you all about it in my own awesome and hilarious words but I'm frightfully lazy so here's a press release what Denis wrote and some pictures what Lee drew.



Daniel Clifford (Sugar Glider writer) and Lee Robinson (Sugar Glider 2: Anthony artist) have launched Art Heroes, a new comic book publishing and workshop facilitation company.


The first Art Heroes comic book, Halcyon and Tenderfoot, is an all-ages title intended as a fantastic entry point for new comics readers and a refreshing change for older readers.

Although Halcyon and Tenderfoot tells a long-form story focussing on superheroes, individual arcs will experiment with different genres.

In the British comics tradition, Halcyon and Tenderfoot will be A4-sized with colour covers and black & white interiors. It will launch in March 2012 and then be released quarterly throughout its first year.

Halcyon and Tenderfoot will be previewed with an issue 0 at Thought Bubble in Leeds this November. This A5 black & white preview comic will introduce readers to our heroes as well as giving clues to events that will occur throughout the series.

There are various options for buying Halcyon and Tenderfoot comics - you can purchase single issues in physical or digital versions, and you can even get a yearly subscription.


As well as publishing comic books, the Art Heroes team will be offering workshops to schools, libraries and other organisations to get young people making their own comics.

Art Heroes workshops will launch in January 2012, operating mainly in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. The workshops will inspire creativity and positive activities, aid in development of literacy skills and build new comic book audiences.

The Art Heroes team will have Public Liability Insurance worth £5m and hold current CRB Disclosures.

Content development

One of the long-term goals of Art Heroes is to develop content for other publication and mediums. The team is already working on pitches for a number of larger publishing companies.


Visit for more information, to buy comics or sign up for a subscription, and to book comic book workshops.

Convention appearances

  • 19-20th November - Thought Bubble, Saviles Hall Leeds
  • 10th December - Canny Comic Con, Newcastle City Library

Art Heroes will hopefully have a presence at Bristol Comic Expo, Glasgow Comic Con and others throughout 2012.


“Art Heroes is a chance for me to take everything I’ve been doing over the last few years in self-publishing and comic book workshops, and bring them under one banner. I’m hoping that I can make a lot of great comics with Lee and we can run some really fun workshops, building on the successes I’ve had with Sugar Glider and Jack and Daniel’s Comic Book Workshops.” - Daniel Clifford

“Setting up Art Heroes gives us the opportunity and freedom to create work we can be proud of, and to reach as wide an audience as possible with that work. I’m excited about the comic books we’re working on now and even more excited to see what else we can come up with next.” - Lee Robinson

The team

Daniel Clifford was born in South Shields, 1986. In the early 90s comics taught him to read, and in 2009 he set out to make comics that could have a similarly positive effect. His published works (including Sugar Glider and Sugar Glider Stories) have been focussed towards an all-ages audience. He organised comic book workshops around North East England with the artist Jack Fallows for two years before establishing Art Heroes with Lee Robinson.

Lee Robinson was born in Hexham, Northumberland in 1986. He has worked on a number of projects as an illustrator and cartoonist over the last few years, and earned an Animation Foundation Degree in the process. His comic book work has been published in Sugar Glider issue 2 and Sugar Glider Stories issue 2. He has worked with vulnerable adults for a number of years before establishing Art Heroes with Daniel Clifford.

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