Tuesday 4 June 2013

Episode 43 is online!

Welcome to Episode 43 which is also our podiversary, 4 long years of Stace and Lee providing your earholes with Geordiebrumophonics and a multitude of Indie press goodness. In this episode we review The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil, The Impossible Crossing, Deadbeats, Solid State Tank Girl, Inktitioner AND more! We also swear a little more than usual for which we blame each other – though obviously it was Lee’s fault!

Direct Download: Episode 43
[Warning: this episode is a bit swearier than usual.]


Sunrise - read it
Sunrise - buy it

No Stace portrait of Grice this time. So instead here's our favourite bit from Deadbeats.
"Come get a bite of the Dixie peach."

Errata: Idiot that I am I said that Titan Comics will be publishing Jack Katz's amazing fantasy comic "The 10th Kingdom" - I meant, of course, The First Kingdom, for that is what it is called. What a maroon. What nincompoop. 


  1. Happy anniversary! Four comics-tastic years!

    Re Sequential. Can't believe it won't run on an iPad 1... *weeps*

    Re Comicsy. Good, innit? :)

  2. Thanks Doc!
    Yeah, Comicsy is so good we have a permanent link to it right over there