Monday, 25 March 2013

Episode 42 is online!

Welcome to the latest episode of Small Press Big Mouth, this is Episode 42: The Meaning of Grice - in which you will learn the answer to The Ultimate Question... of Life, The Universe, Everything. And where the feck we've fecking been for the last four fecking months.*

*Belgium, man, Belgium.

Lee and Stace have a good old rambling chat about all sorts of thing -  including The British Comic Awards, Porcelain, Babble, Lou Scannon, The Spooky Womb and Razarhawk. Lee couldn’t hear Stacey at times and Stacey barely finishes a sentence – that’s right we’re back!

Direct Download: Episode 42

Stace portrait of the week.
Lee stinks and Stace is surrounded
by flowers fried eggs


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