Wednesday, 7 November 2012

News Bites 23!

Howdy SPBMers, here's our latest platter of tender vittles - a smaller serving today but meatier... chewier... juicier. Like sausages.

Prime cut sizzling sausages of news.

I've not had my dinner yet.


ITEM! Sam Johnson's character Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman makes her return in H!M Comics' IF-X: Halloween. Introduced in Visionary Comics’ Digital Visions, Cabra is back in 'Bad Voodoo'--in which a friend’s fancy dress Halloween party is meant to be a night off for Ms. Cini--but events prove to be as eventful and bizarre as any of her assignments! The comic also features ‘Brody and Lisa’, a supernatural romance strip from Kelci Crawford; and ‘Recovery Unit’, an offbeat vampire tale from Patrick McEvoy & David Beyer, Jr.  Suggested for mature readers, IF-X: Halloween, 32 pages, b&w, published by H!M Comics is available to buy online at Sam's website in $2.99 Regular and $1.99 Digital editions. And if you didn’t catch Cabra’s color debut, it’s up to read for FREE at the site!

ITEM! Here's the first (of four) teaser posters for an upcoming Unseen Shadows anthology Tales of the Forgotten the second anthology and follow up to Tales of the Fallen which was launched last year at the Thought Bubble Comic Festival. "When truth must be stolen from the mouths of the wicked, it falls beyond the reach of mere heroes. Liars, loners, losers – trapped on the outskirts of a war fought in silence and shadow. Drawn into darkness, they flee it, they study it, they make it their home."

...Tales of the Forgotten features stand alone stories based on characters from the former number 1 Amazon novel Fallen Heroes. The creative team features some of the upcoming talent from the world of Indie Comic including Cy Dethan, Valia Kapadai, Cormac Hughes, Corey Brotherson,Richmond Clements,Jorge Oliveira, Nic Wilkinson, Alex Moore, Paul Mclaren and Vicky Stonebridge. Check out the cover...

ITEM! The Thoughtbubble 2012 Anthology goes on sale today digitally from ComiXology or you can pick yourself up a paper copy from Thoughtbubble -The Leeds Comics Festival on 18th November. The comic features an all-star, all-talent cast of creators including Warren Ellis, Gail Simone, Skottie Young, Sean Phillips, Fiona Staples, Tony Harris, Boo Cook, Emma Vieceli, Leigh Gallagher and many others. Beautiful cover by Tran Nguyen, look.

ITEM! Check out this fab cover art for Nightbus #3 from Gary Bainbridge, artist & Co-creator of Sugar Glider. "Conrad and César run the Newcastle University student safety bus, the service that takes students back to their halls of residence after a long night of studying or partying. For the past couple of years, Conrad and César have been taking the specifics of their job description a little further than necessary. What started off as getting people home,soon became getting people out of trouble. Now the pair have become the self-styled vigilantes of Newcastle."
Nightbus 3 can be bought from Gary's online store online store HERE or from Comicsy HERE as either a physical book or digital download. The print version is only £3.00 and the PDF is half price at £1.50. Nightbus 1 and 2 can be purchased for £1.50 each or £2.00 for both at Gary's Shop or Comicsy. Digital versions will be coming soon.

ITEM! Jon Lock just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his Afterlife Inc. Volume 3: LIFEBLOOD book. "This is going to be the largest, most ambitious Afterlife Inc. story to date. If I meet my target, Kickstarter profits will fund 96 pages of full colour artwork from Ash Jackson and Nadine Ashworth, and the first print run of the book." The project has already reached 37% of its target. You can learn more at the Kickstarter page HERE.


Right then, that'll do you for now I reckon. If you've got any sausage small press/indie comics news or have a sausage comic you'd like us to review - or you'd like to review for us - please drop us an email via the address in the banner at the top of the page. 

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