Thursday, 20 October 2011

Episode 34 is out!

Welcome to Episode 34 of Small Press Big Mouth, with tons of news and a veritable shitload of reviews! We talk Villainous, Bearmaggedon, Emily Carroll's Margot's Room, Unbelievable, Dark Judgement 2, Rachel Rising #2, Big Bang #2, Transient, Dr WTF?! and ZOOAD. Man, reviews are packed like a can of sardines in here like (though I think that smell is Lee!) Enjoy people and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep reading (comics)!
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Judge Lee - He Drinks Tea

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  1. Wow! Cheers for the great review on Unbelievable, I really appreciate the art comparisons to early 2000ad and your comments that the story is 'like a children's fairytale for adults' - that just nailed it for me, its how I always intended the story to read! (Must have done something right, Lol!) Great show, lots of really interesting stuff to check out now, especially intrigued by the Emily Carroll site, sounds like a must.

    (Stace, there'll be a signed Rax sketch waiting at Cardiff Expo for you! ;-)

    Cheers guys,

    Si Wyatt.