Friday, 2 September 2011


Yes, I did deliberately leave two items out of the News Bites round-up yesterday purely so I could do the footie results pun above. Okay, its no 'East Fife 4; Forfar 5' but it amused me....

Anyhoo, you may recall Stargazer is an all-ages SF/fantasy graphic novel created and published by Von Allan; well Von dropped us an email to let us know the the second volume is out soon and is solicited in this month's Previews.

In the concluding volume of “Stargazer,” Marni, Elora, Sophie and their new-found robot friend finally reach the distant tower they spotted earlier in their adventure.  Expecting to find help at the tower, the girls are stunned to discover that it is not only old and heavily damaged, but also clearly abandoned.  As the friends are dealing with their disappointment and starting to plan their next move, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by an odd assortment of little creatures, similar to the robot.  While not necessarily the help the girls wanted, the silent but friendly alien friends are nonetheless welcome companions.

Once inside the ruined tower, the girls make a few discoveries, ranging from curious to downright ominous.  While Elora goes off on her own, looking for answers to her own questions, Sophie and Marni are convinced that many of the answers they need can be found on the upper levels of the tower, on the other side of a long-ago landslide of rubble and boulders.

With the return of the monster that threatened them at the start of their adventure, the girls must unite to face their fears and fight for their lives.  Can the power of friendship and imagination get them safely home?  And does their magical quest have a fairytale ending?

Stargazer Volume Two has a Diamond order code of AUG111259 , an ISBN of 978-09-781237-4-1, a suggested retail price of $14.95 US and is 110 pages in length.  It will arrive in comic shops on October 12th, 2011.

Stargazer Volume One is now available in all channels. It has a Diamond Item Code of AUG111260 and an ISBN of 978-0-9781237-2-7.

You can download a free 34-page preview of Stargazer v2 at Von's website HERE - let us know what you think!


Next up we have the latest comic from Andy Winters - writer of SPBM faves Blood Psi, Brothers and Septic Isle - this one's called.... wait for it... SCOREGASM! What a flipping awesome title, eh? Here's what Andy has to say...

MY new football comic - Scoregasm - is now available for your delight and delectation over at [note that's .co not or .com]

You can read it at the site or download a PDF of the entire thing to keep. Whatever your preference, the 38-page book is totally FREE.

Scoregasm is part-homage to the football strips I grew up reading in the seventies (things like Billy's Boots, Hot Shot Hamish and, of course, Roy Of The Rovers) and part-poison pen letter to the cynicism of the modern game. 

Duane Leslie has done an excellent job on the art and many thanks to Eva de la Cruz for colouring the cover and Kay Downes for her fantastic website design.

Scoregasm can also be accessed through

Incidentally, Andy also posted this little titbit on his blog - anyone interested?

I'm keen to do more web-based stuff and one of the projects I'm looking at would be to bring back Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag (star of 2009's critically-acclaimed one-shot). Obviously I can't ask Declan [Shalvey] to get involved as he's somewhat busy at Marvel, but, if anyone else might be up for it, just give me a shout.

So an all-ages SF/fantasy and an adult-orientated sex-and-footie drama - how's that for diversity?

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