Monday, 20 December 2010

Jamie Smart does Doctor Who

SPBM loves Jamie Smart. We also love Doctor Who. So the news on Jamie's blog that he's working on a new Doctor Who project is very very exciting indeed. Hear that high pitched SQUEEEEEEEE noise? That's us. 

This is Jamie: "There’s a brand new Dr Who partwork magazine coming out in Spring 2011, and I’m very pleased to say I’ll be spending most of next year drawing for it. ... I can’t tell you what kind of thing I’m drawing, but if you’re canny or seen the previews floating round t’internet you may have worked it out."

SFX Magazine were able to add more details as they have seen one of the preview issues. On their website today they said: "It was called Doctor Who Monster Invasion, and it was connected to a collectable card game. ... One of the best things about the test issue was, indeed, Smart’s double-page Ood spread" SFX provide a wee pic of the Ood spread which looks fantastic!

In other Jamie Smart news, his brilliant online graphic novel Kochi Wanaba is in its final stretch. Running daily during December its due to conclude in just a few days and we strongly suggest you give it a read - its a stunningly beautiful piece of work.

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