Monday, 4 October 2010

Lee's Influence Map

So there was this internet meme going round called an Influence Map - basically a display of all the things that inspire(d) you as an artist. All the cool kids were doing them - here's PJ Holden's and Adam Cadwell's and Paul Thompson's and Terry Beatty's for example.

As a fan of these guys I found it interesting to see what their influences are - seeing which were evident in their work and which were surprising.

I then decided to have a crack at one myself - but it got a bit out of hand and ended up not as one but as three. Its actually a really interesting exercise and I made a few interesting discoveries about myself - for instance I'm a massive fan of artists such as Ian Gibson, Ron Smith, Massimo Belardinellli, Steve Ditko, Albert Uderzo, Herge and Jack Kirby yet I don't think I could list them as influences - at least not direct ones.
Anyhoo, for anyone who might be interested here's my Influence Map(s) above - click to embiggenify. Oh and as you can see I made my own rather than use the template because i'm an idiot who like to make work for himself! Duh!

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