Monday, 2 August 2010

Episode 21 is up!

Welcome to Episode 21 of Small Press Big Mouth, this is an extra long special episode as we hadn’t recorded since Bristol and we are unashamedly leaving in all of the gushing we did about Rainbow Orchid Volume 2! We also have news, the Big Mouth Tweet Tout, and reviews of The Man With The Getaway Face by Darwyn Cooke, Crikey! Magazine, Dexter's Half Dozen, Shadoko: The Happiest Ninja and much more. Back to our usual shorter length next time!
Direct Download: Episode 21

This week's Big Mouth Tweet Tout winner is Dean Stahl with his excellent Headlocks and Headaches webcomic!



  1. I listen to the podcasts on my phone folks but for some reason it isn't available to download yet. I can access the direct link but just went to the site and it isn't there either. (I had thought my phone was being daft but it's not) Ken.

  2. That's weird.... i must admit to being a phonetard so i don't know what the problem might be - all i know is its fine on my laptop :-S

    can you download it from here, Ken?

  3. That page doesn't work on the phone I'm afraid. I'll just need to listen to it on the pc.

  4. Sorry Lee I'm a bit dim it was up on the site for download 12 days ago I'd already played it but didn't realise it was that one. oops