Friday, 9 April 2010

A Bostin Update from Matthew Craig

In SPBM ep17 I reviewed Bostin Heroes ( and shortly thereafter received a rather spiffing email from Bostin writer and creator of the awesome Hondle and Trouble Bruin Matthew Craig. Matthew kindly answered a few of the questions I raised in the 'cast and gave us a preview of his next comic including some flipping awesome artwork!

Take it away Matthew....

Wotcha, Stace & Lee! Hope you're well.

Just listened to SmaPreBiMo! Thanks for all the kind words, guys! Glad you're diggin' Bostin Heroes. As far as the tone goes, I am trying to keep it light, but as the current B-Have minisode, the third story, and especially the fourth(!) unfold, I'm hoping to push deeper into the hearts of the characters.

With all my superhero stories, I'm trying to strike a balance between well-rounded, multi-dimensional characterisation and GLEEE!!!!! (the emotion, not the karaokecom) It is a constant battle, space being at a premium, but one worth fighting!

There'll be another full-length story along in a wee while, with another artist. Jack's off down South learning himself up a storm, and Paul's busy with things like Temple APA and his own comics. I won't name the new chap - have I given too much away?! - here, but he's just lobbed a tonne of pages at me, and they're ace on toast.

I won't be at Brizzle or Thing, but I will be at the Wales Comic Con on April 25th - up in Wrexham with a new Welsh schoolboy superhero comic called TRYHARD & TEARAWAY

I'll also be at the May MCM Expo in That There London. Not sure what I'll have with me in terms of new stuff - depending on how fast I can work, I'm thinking a girls' sport manga, or similar. Seriously off-the-cuff improvcomics.

I'll be at BICS, of course, and ThoBubs for defs, with new Bostin Heroes ("Black Cats and Bostinmobiles"), another new Trixie Biker novella ("Bad Penny") and (hopefully) the pseudosimulquel to my original Brummie superhero comic Trouble Bruin.

I'm also hoping to be at various craft things over the summer, such as the Moseley Street Arts Market and the Creative Open Workshops Handmade Market. And my comics remain on sale at the mighty mighty Nostalgia and Comics, as well as Legacy Comics, Halifax.

Phew! And back to it!

Cheers, guys!

Matthew Craig


Sounds like Mr Craig's keeping himself busy! Loving the look of Tryhard & Tearaway and very excited to hear about the follow-up to Trouble Bruin!

Anyhoo, if anyone else wants to drop us a line our email is feedback, recommendations, suggestions and gushing praise all welcome.

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